Decommissioning programme development and execution

About the course

This course provides you with an awareness of the approaches, issues and challenges associated with decommissioning for North Sea oil and gas fields.

It details the complete decommissioning process from beginning to end covering: planning activities and considerations; well plugging and abandonment activities; approaches to the decommissioning of structures and pipelines and the associated onshore activities. In addition, given the current climate and the need to reduce the taxpayer contribution to decommissioning, innovation leading to cost saving approaches to decommissioning will be considered and discussed.

This course is suitable for anyone working in or interested in the decommissioning sector, and will develop your knowledge of the various stages of a decommissioning project and what is involved, including the applicable regulations and legislation.

Explaining a variety of pipe-lay and pipeline protection methods for rigid and flexible risers, this course will develop your ability and confidence to select the most suitable method for different scenarios. Associated activities including surveying, diving and pre-commissioning are discussed, as well as the latest methods for decommissioning pipelines. This course also covers the construction process for risers, spools, stalk-ons, pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs) and terminations (PLETs) as well as alternative installation methods such as mechanical connectors.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the benefits of collaboration and campaigning for your decommissioning projects
  • Explain how collaboration can be applied and controlled throughout the project in accordance with BS 11000
  • dentify potential pitfalls and the means of avoiding them
  • Identify the methodologies currently adopted for well plugging and abandonment and the decommissioning of offshore structures and pipeline
  • Gain an insight into emerging and transferable technologies, innovations and developments that could improve process efficiency and safety whilst reducing the costs associated with the decommissioning process




2 Days

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Decommissioning programme development and execution - course contents


Overview of decommissioning in the North Sea

  • North Sea infrastructure
  • When is the end?
  • Decommissioning commitment
  • Learning from other sectors

Planning and legislation

  • Legislation and regulations
  • Decommissioning plan/programme
  • Cost estimation
  • Project management

Well plugging and abandonment

  • Well configurations
  • Plugging and abandonment methods
  • Challenges, costs and timing
  • New technology
  • Live well abandonment
  • Case studies


Decommissioning of structures

  • Topsides facilities
  • Platform jackets
  • Gravity based structures
  • Floating facilities
  • Subsea structures
  • Case studies

Pipeline decommissioning

  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Removal options
  • Mattresses and grout bags
  • Decommissioning in-situ
  • Case studies

Onshore disposal

  • Transportation and load in
  • Onshore locations and capabilities
  • Hazardous materials and permitting
  • Waste hierarchy

Group exercise

  • Devise a decommissioning programme for a North Sea field development