Observing Federal Government of Nigeria’s policy on local content development strategy and Brisktrade’s strategic objective, the company states:

  • Brisktrade shall source for made in Nigeria materials needed for operations through local vendors and sub-contractors
  • Engage host community personnels to perform jobs so as to empower and transfer technology to the employed within the host community. This shall also help in developing manpower of expertise over time.
  • The company shall involve Nigerian employees in decision making process. This is to ensure that Nigerian management staff are involved in key decisions of the operations of the departments within the company.
  • To enhance commitment to transfer of technology, employment generation and competence development, Nigerians shall be involved in as much aspects of the business plan execution as possible
  • The company shall train and encourage trainees to practice as taught while duties are delegated with adequate supervision. This will ensure effective and active participation of Nigerian employees
  • The above will be achieved without compromising total quality delivery.

The Company states a commitment to achieving this policy statement.