We are an expert in the decommissioning of oil and gas assets. Complemented by our integrity management and lifetime extension capabilities and expertise, we provide a suite of decommissioning services to support our clients through all stages of a decommissioning project, from initial feasibility studies and cost estimations, through detailed engineering and offshore activities, to project completion and close-out.

This includes:

  • Identification of optimum decommissioning strategy through technical assessments and cost modelling;
  • Decommissioning cost estimation and independent review of ABEX estimates
  • Assessment of decommissioning methods for structures, pipelines and risers through onshore studies. This includes performance of both screening level and full comparative assessments;
  • Development and writing of decommissioning programmes and procedures;
  • Determination of cleaning approaches and management / technical assurance of offshore activities;
  • Review of structural and pipeline inspection requirements at various stages in the decommissioning process, accounting for changes in the risk profile;
  • Project management and support of decommissioning programme execution and close-out, including liaison with the regulatory bodies;
  • Definition, management and assessment of overtrawling surveys following completion of decommissioning works;
  • Management of disused pipelines following cessation of production and of pipelines decommissioned in-situ.

We have practical experience in decommissioning project engineering, including well abandonment, pipeline decommissioning, topsides removal and jacket removal (or derogation). From this experience, we have developed an in-depth understanding of:

  • The issues involved;
  • Equipment available for decommissioning at present and emerging technologies;
  • The associated vessel rates and typical timeframes for the decommissioning of certain components;
  • Scheduling and sequencing efficiencies to be gained in the decommissioning of hubs;
  • The recycling / disposal routes and associated costs.